The program provides the best quality of training based on a daily life of a Dance company.

2 year contemporary based training program.

  • September - June

  • Monday - Friday 9:00am-2:30pm + Saturdays/Sundays (TBA)

  • Specialized training in Ballet, Contemporary, Partnering & Improvisation.

  • 40 hours of training/choreography per week.

  • Master classes with highly acclaimed choreographers and teachers.

  • Showcase a full-length original piece in a high quality production.

  • Performance and touring opportunities available throughout the season.


Full-time Dance program

Monthly $450

Annual registration Fee $250

Cancellation Policy

• Each participant will pay for and commit to the full program, which will be non-refundable should they withdraw.

• This program is subject to sufficient enrollment.

• Withdrawal due to injury must be accompanied by a Doctor’s letter stating the student can no longer attend dance due to medical reasons (stated in letter).

• Termination of membership will not result in a refund unless under specific circumstances clarified in the Terms of Agreement issued upon acceptance into the program.

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For more information on how to apply please contact:


Our program provides a broad curriculum, a solid foundation of knowledge about Contemporary Dance, physical and intellectual instruction and extensive performing experience enabling the dancers to expand their technical skills and versatility.

Training System

Contemporary Technique Teachers: Davi Rodrigues, Lara Barclay & Guests. This highly technical, movement-based class investigates the line of human movement and how it can affect the broader strokes of our dancing. Contemporary class combines elements of several dance genres where dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Ballet Teachers: Lara Barclay, Linda Arkelian, Reid Colton, Krista Savage & Guests. This class aims to explore Ballet as a Contemporary movement practice, bridging the space between tradition and potential. Approached through an anatomical lens, students will be encouraged to discover their individual perspective on effectiveness. This class will offer space for relevant and positive discourse around a potentially powerful form.

Improvisation Teachers: Davi Rodrigues, Lara Barclay & Guests. This class focuses primarily on the instinctual and immediate reaction to stimuli in order to develop a deeper awareness of inherent patterns and habits. Through practice and discussion, dancers will identify and harness the potency of impulse and response to develop more dynamic artistry and performance.

Body Conditioning Teacher: Davi Rodrigues This class improves technique and performance by strengthening the body’s core (abdominal and back muscles) while improving coordination, balance, alignment and optimizing flexibility. The result is more lift without tension, deeper pliés, higher jumps with less effort, tighter turns and improved extension and turnout. The class will also combine Pilates, stretching and floor work to help with; injury prevention, flexibility, strength, stamina and coordination.

Yoga Teacher: Lara Barclay This class will build flexibility, strength, controlled breathing, concentration with a carefully structured series of stretches.

Repertoire Teacher / Choreographer: Davi Rodrigues This class investigates individual phrases created on the spot as well as phrases from company repertoire. Students will focus on quick assimilation and exploration of movement in terms of quality, musicality and to build exciting and challenging performances during each semester.

Creation Process Resident Choreographers: Davi Rodrigues & Lara Barclay Guest Choreographers: Local & International Dancers explore new and emerging areas in the exploration of creation and improvisation. The creative process is focused on the ability to take choreographic risks, and to facilitate the journey from conception through rehearsals to the final performance.

Performance Throughout the season our program provides a range of different performance opportunities locally and internationally. Performances are a key component as the dancers train to develop their skills and adapt to different performing environments.

  • All performances will be clarified on the 1st day of classes, with updates throughout the season.

Lamondance Studio

Gorgeous 31x47 feet studio