Our Vision

Educators are innovators.



Our mission is to create a strong connection between all ages and races, while providing a starting point for young professional artists. Our company is known to promote artistic excellence, creation, production and performance by supporting, educating and challenging its artists to take risks. Lamondance is here to facilitate the evolution of contemporary dance as an art form and be present within the community.


At Lamondance we provide choreographers and dancers with paid, immersive, professional opportunities designed to maximize sharing, discussion and critique. We offer training to emerging dancers as a stepping-stone for their careers, while contributing to the growth of all performers, choreographers and arts educators in the community at large.

We want to promote and expand the reach of professional contemporary dance in North Vancouver and around the globe by hosting shows, roundtable discussions, workshops and other events that are open to the general public. At Lamondance we provide regularly available practice and presentation space along with marketing and awareness support for our network and partner organizations.

Assinatura Davi.png

Davi Rodrigues
Artistic Director, Mentor

Alexandra Shigetomi, Photo by Miles Clark

Alexandra Shigetomi, Photo by Miles Clark