Presented in Vancouver CA and Brazil.

Presented in Vancouver CA and Brazil.



YOU, ME and THEMCreated by three choreographic voices, You, Me and Them presents an environment of temptation, monotony and joy as painted by different classes in society.

"...There is a crack in everythingThat's how the light gets in. ..."

                            Leonard Cohen

1st Act

River of January By  Monica Proença

 “...The river is our liferunning through its calm watersmercilessly feedinglegends, myths and sorrows...”

Unframed by Lara Barclay

 Unframed represents four very distinct rooms in which each individual peers through a window in search of elsewhere.Inspired by Anne Carson's book of tangos, The Beauty of the Husband, the ten dancers weave in and out of each other's space as they discover moments of harmony and off-balance.”

2nd Act

YOU, ME and THEM - Presented in Vancouver CA and Brazil

First Movement

Upper Class byLara Barclay

Second Movement

Middle Class byMonica Proença

Third Movement

Lower Class byDavi Rodrigues