Vancouver CA and Germany

Vancouver CA and Germany


Consists of four exciting new contemporary dance works The first half of the program features three diverse pieces: Copacabana, No Need For Words and Terra Arida, exploring themes of global communication, the innocent era of Bossa Nova and survival in an arid part of Brazil. Presented in Vancouver CA and Germany

The second half features with Skirmjan, the company commands the stage as they become fearless players on a chess board in a game of speed and confrontation.

Copacabana by Monica Proença

 “Copacabana portrays the golden years of the Bossa Nova period. Consisting of several small pairings of dancers, this piece sweeps the viewer back to Rio to a time when romance and innocence were a way of life.”

No Need For Words By Lara Barclay

“No Need for Words explores global communication. Focusing on gestures and customs inherent to various cultures, the piece creates a dialogue between different people of the world. From hello to goodbye, the dancers describe what could take place if there were no longer any geographical borders.”

Skirmjan by Davi Rodrigues

Skirmjan (meaning "to defend, protect") reveals a giant chess board controlled by its human counterparts. Combining physical intensity with precision and speed, each player must confront their fragile self while attempting to surpass their emotional limit.”


* Guest Perfomers: K.I.C. (Kids In Creation), K & S Dance

Choreographer: Josh Beamish Director of K.I.C.: Heather Dotto