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Garden of Lights - A message to the world.

Last July Lamondance went to Brazil as a guest company for the opening of the International Dance Seminar as well to create a number for the closing ceremony of the festival. 

During their stay in Brasilia for 3 weeks the company had the experience to work with two other companies: Dance 2000 from Brasilia and Faces Ocultas from São Paulo in the creation of Gardens of Lights choreographed by our Artistic Director Davi Rodrigues.

Garden of lights - Brings the awareness to the world of the tragedy that 15 years ago happened in  New York City with the 9/11 attack leaving an eternal scar in the world.

"I was touched so deeply when I visit the 911 Memorial last June 2016 that my heart and soul wanted to speak". - Davi Rodrigues

 "Garden of Lights" a simple way to remember the 2,982 lives were taken away and a message to the world that life is short and there is no time for hate.

Here is a short video of the Creation that will also be remounted for Lamondance Season 8 here in Vancouver.