Human features Lamondance in two exciting pieces “Dreamstate” and “Barakah – an unexpected Journey to a future never known” by choreographers/directors Lara Barclay, Monica Proenca and Davi Rodrigues.

“We can live without religion and meditation. But we cannot survive without human affection.”

Dalai Lama

Dreamstate – Collaboration with Mônica Proença and Lara Barclay

“Dreamstate represents the spectrum from wakefulness to deep sleep. It begins in a state of quiet wakefulness and ventures into the personal territory of individual dreams. Directed by the vulnerable disorientation that occurs as one passes through the many stages of sleep, the dancers gather impulses and memories from their dream travels.”

Barakah – an unexpected Journey to a future never known – Davi Rodrigues

“In Islam, Barakah (Arabic: بركة : also Baraka) is the beneficent force from God that flows through the physical and spiritual spheres as prosperity, protection, and happiness.(Wikipedia)

In a future not too distant from now, a group of people gathers beneath a desert sun to ask forgiveness from the earth. Years of neglect have depleted their livelihood, and the search for water becomes a mission of faith and courage. A wise woman steps forward to demonstrate a more spiritual way of survival. The desert heat obscures people's sense of reality and their thirst is echoed through empty water barrels. The journey is hard and they are filled with a wild love for each other. They engage in rituals that demand human sacrifices in the hopes that the earth will accept their apology and replenish their existence.”


Human was performed at the International Dance Seminar in Brasilia -  Brazil, in July 2013

Presented in Canada and Brazil 

Presented in Canada and Brazil