Photo by Charlie Dixon 

Photo by Charlie Dixon 


2017 / 2018 ANNUAL REPORT

Another Year for the Books.


Collaboration is the key.


The capacity to teach is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill, transforming dreams, in reality, is something that Lamondance has been doing for the past nine years.
Season 9 was yet an unforgettable season where collaboration was the foundation of it in every single moment. The process of training the selective group of 20 dancers a mix of Brazilians, French and Canadians; A unique collaboration that transformed the workroom.  – And their combined experiences brought everything to another level for themselves, their mentors and the choreographers. Each dancer brought with them the ability to adapt and morph into a new world where the only universal language spoken was the body language.

Our faculty had the fantastic addition of Krista Hassen that together with our incredible mentors, Linda Arkelian, Lara Barclay and Reid Colton creating a very dedicated team of passionate professionals that brought their own unique experiences to the company helping our dancers in this journey to become employable dancers.  

The season was also marked for incredible partnerships, the first one with the conductor and composer Hall Beckett, that Inspired by the Romanian folklore, created the story of Ielele which will premiere as a full-length in 2019 for the 10th-year-Anniversary of Lamondance.
Our second partnership was with DanceHouse, a company that has a mission to connect Vancouver audiences and the local arts community to the international world of dance by presenting exceptional companies that are recognized for their excellence, innovation, and international reputation. The partnership offered Workshop opportunities with acclaimed dance Companies as such as Dorrance Dance (USA), Toronto Dance Theatre (TO), Kidd Pivot (BC) and Tero Saarinen from Finland. Our dancers were able to collaborate with these companies and felt so inspired to continue their journey to become professional dancers.

Lamondance’s final production of Season 9 2017/2018, took place at the BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts located at the Capilano University marking our return to the North Shore. The show "Marbled" unveiled concepts such as memories, liberation, energy, empowerment, relationship, and life change.
The show was composed of four incredible choreographic voices from our Vancouver community,  Heather Dotto, Lara Barclay,  and Heather Laura Gray. Our artistic director Davi Rodrigues choreographed three new creations also remounted one of his original pieces from Season 5. 
The dancers were able to grow professionally in their awareness and their ability to self-critique due to the success of the show and the support from the choreographers.

“A show that will Evoke all the senses taking the audience on an unforgettable journey.” This company has a promising future ahead."

Reviews like the one from - Nancie Ottem from Review Vancouver -  Read  as well the precious reviews from the audience members, reinforced our mission to create dance shows that can resonate with the audience.

We are not only a dance program but a dance company that is committed to creating high-quality shows; Shows that will Evoke all the senses taking the audiences on an unforgettable Journey.

Davi Rodrigues / Artistic Director



Season 9 was marked for its mix of nationalities having dancers from 3 different cities around the globe.

Brazil, France and Canada.


Lamondance strives to provide dancers with partial or full scholarships, making dance as affordable and accessible for all.


A message to the world. 


Every human dream and a dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
These were the driving forces that our artistic director used to choreograph "Marbled" a self-inspired history about his arrival in Canada 10 years ago.

“Arriving in a foreign land for the first time was the biggest challenge in my life thus far. The ground was continually flowing beneath me, not allowing for a moment of hesitation, regret or starting over.
Many people appeared and disappeared in front of me through an imaginary curtain, like ocean waves coming and going creating a patterned appearance like that of mixed marble. 
This life has been thrown into motion, and there’s no stopping it".

Believe in the power of your dreams - Davi Rodrigues

The video was recorded February 3rd, 2018 at Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver, Canada. Lamondance were guest performers in the show for RNB Dance & Theatre Arts.


Touring with the show "MARBLED" 

Photo by Vera Bandeira

Photo by Vera Bandeira

Lamondance rehearsing the show marbled at the xxviii international dance seminar in Brasilia, Brazil july 2018

To finish the Season, the Company went to Brazil once again as a guest company to close the acclaimed International Dance Seminar in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

During three weeks, Brasilia host an intensive dance seminar with guests from all over the world. During these three weeks, dancers can take classes, learn and share experiences with dancers from Brazil and other countries and also participate in the competition that is also part of to the Seminar. Our Artistic Director Davi Rodrigues participates for the 5th year as a teacher and judge. 

We were so proud to be invited to close the seminar performing  the show "Marbled."

During the Seminar, the company hosted an audition were our Artistic Director selected the new members for Lamondance season 10.


Lamondance has been participating at The International Dance Seminar since 2009.

The company performed as a guest company with the shows:

  • RED






  • KAUA



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