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Foto by Charlie Dixon | Ubuntu I Am Because We Are

Foto by Charlie Dixon | Ubuntu I Am Because We Are

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From all of us at Lamondance, we'd like to thank you for watching our show. It was an honour to perform for you. 
Lamondance season 9 was a memorable season.

“A show that will Evoke all the senses taking the audience on an unforgettable journey.” This company has a promising future ahead."

Nancie Ottem from reviewVancouver -  Read More

"Such a beautiful range of styles and musical scores, with powerful and magnificently crafted choreography, exquisite stage lighting, and incredible dancers! Their pure talent, power and level of professionalism was en par with any major dance production I’ve seen."

— Joanne White | @joannewhiteart  Read More

Passionate. Strong. Joyful. Well trained dancers. Wonderful choreography. Varied program. Thank you all.

— Erik Zennstrom | @erikzennstromphotography  Read More

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