Dancer Oksana Maslechko in  Ubuntu - I Am Because We Are   Photo by Olga Kuts

Dancer Oksana Maslechko in Ubuntu - I Am Because We Are

Photo by Olga Kuts

Because we genuinely think that sharing is a valuable thing we would like to share all the show reviews with you.
From all of us at Lamondance, we'd like to thank you for watching our show. It was an honour to perform for you. Lamondance season 9 was a memorable season.

“A show that will Evoke all the senses taking the audience on an unforgettable journey.” This company has a promising future ahead."

Nancie Ottem from Review Vancouver -  Read  

Such an honour to be there for your beautiful and outstanding Performances. Each one of your dancers gave stunning performances that were sensitive, and aware of the choreographers intentions! The sets and costumes also added to the choreographers plan, and were so much a part of each creation. Thank you for a beautiful evening filled with the many Joys of Dance! My thanks to all who took part in this very Special Performance Congratulations.
— Dolores Kirkwood O.B.C.

The performance was INCREDIBLE! Congratulations Lamondance Season 9 2017 / 2018 and Davi Rodrigues for an outstanding show last night! To me, it was flawless! Impeccable technique, wonderful music choices, inspired props and lighting effects ... but most of all ... it was so human!!! The energy of the whole performance entertained with passion, drama, humour, wit, tenderness, joy, exhilaration - all very human qualities. “Marbled” most definitely came from the heart - a very genuine performance by the dancers and remarkable manifestation of their Artistic Director’s vision. I’m still buzzing from the experience!
— Gill Civil
the performance on Friday June 1rst was outstanding. the level of professionalism and raw talent was right up there with just about anything I’ve seen in New York or San Francisco.
the dance was full of little surprises that kept energy high and the musical scores were unique.
the whole troupe exhibited great skill and the lead dancers showed great presence.
all in all a great, enjoyable and well spent evening!
— Bryan T.
We really enjoyed watching this world-class show. From the creative props and effective costumes to the leading-edge choreography and the expressive, technically-excellent dancing of these 20 young, talented artists, Lamondance’s Marbled is a must-see. Thank you Davi and Lamondance for this memorable evening.
— Susan Kiddie | @Sfkiddie
A huge congratulations to everyone involved in the Lamondance company. It was a pleasure being able to attend last night’s closing show of MARBLED. I left last night’s performance feeling awestruck, inspired, and transformed. I was blown away by the company’s professionalism and the captivating storyline. North Vancouver is incredibly lucky to host a pre-professional dance company of this calibre.
— Justine Fraser | @reformingart
What a joy and privilege to witness Lamondance 2018 performances of “Marbled”! Through the performances a secret slowly revealed itself: The deep connections between the dancers nourished by your direction and love enchanted the audience. I could break down your choreography into its artistic elements - space, time, groupings, balance, asymmetry, motif, symbols, character, relationships (all brilliantly conceived) - however, the dancers’ espirit de corps touched the hearts of each person in the audience. Your process of creation gave birth to this spirit.

Your use of naturalism - grounding your choreographic concepts in nature, instinct, and humanity - stirred up the audiences’ empathy for the beings inhabiting the dances. WE and Ilele are both naturalistic, as instinctive motivation propelled these pieces’ action. However, as they contrast in setting and tone, the two pieces show your breadth of subject choice. For WE, aptly named - it is about “we”, all of us, in its inclusiveness and ALL of each one of us in its depth. WE revealed the comedy of love and attraction. Ilele transports us into a dream state in the forest of the nymphs. The narrative of both Ilele and WE transfixed the audience to the action, WE with a satirical tone and Ilele with a mythical tone reminiscent of Nijinski in “l’apres midi d’un faune”. The story was so compelling the audience participants craved to know what happened next.

Your work embodies excellence on so many choreographic dimensions, but two are particularly unique. Your use of motif, the use of idiosyncratic or unusual movement, creates psychological depth. The nymphs repeat a ritualized head movement in which the eyes and face are transfixed in otherworldly expression. This motif imbues character and even a soul to the nymphs. A second choreographic element, shift of focus, moves the audience attention, from one narrative image to another. The rhythm of the shift helps the viewer understand the story, creates tension, and gives importance to all the characters in the dance.

Through Marbled Lamondance created a special dream enabling the audience to recognize the potential of Art and inspiring the dancers to realize the potential of Art.
— David Secunda
Congratulations Lamondance, Davi Rodrigues, and all the amazing creative people involved in putting on such a wonderful evening of dance! Thank you so much for inviting me.
— Susane Ouellette
Magnificent performance! Every piece and detail in the production was exceptional. Such a beautiful range of styles and musical scores, with powerful and magnificently crafted choreography, exquisite stage lighting, and incredible dancers! Their pure talent, power and level of professionalism was en par with any major dance production I’ve seen. Congratulations to each of the dancers and to the Director, Davi Rodrigues! I look forward to their 10th Anniversary performances in 2019!
— Joanne White | @joannewhiteart
An amazing & powerful show, it touched on so many emotions. It was a captivating & spellbinding show!
Pure brilliance! Bravo
— Debbie Sim
Engaging, entertaining, emotional.
— Colin Cargill
What an amazing and fabulous show once again. It’s hard to think anything could keep getting better, but Davi you have out down yourself again. The choreography, the stage set and the dancers are breathtakingly wonderful. Bravo!.
— Candice Olivier | @5mickey
Passionate. Strong. Joyful. Well trained dancers. Wonderful choreography. Varied program. Thank you all.
— Erik Zennstrom | @erikzennstromphotography
Thank you for the exceptional night of dance. I watched and was inspired by the whole experience. I love that I was able to come for the past two years and see the growth in the returning dancers and company as a whole. Congratulations to the dancers, the choreographers and artist team, I believe in your contribution to the dance community, I am so grateful that I had that the opportunity to come support and be transported into the imagination of Lamondance.
— Glynis Waring