Lamondance Audition Form

By filling the audition form, you don’t need to present a paper copy of it on the day of your audition.

Please make sure to double check all the information before submitting it. Corrections won’t be possible once you submit your form.

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* all dancers need to present a résumé and a headshot on the day of the audition
APPLICANT FILE (The personal information contained in this file will be kept confidential by Lamondance. Only persons who require this information in the performance of their duties will have access to it.) I acknowledge and agree that the following elements will be used to build my applicant file: résumé, evaluation of my performance, photographs or video document of my artistic performances and I agree that this file will be consulted by the Lamondance Company in the execution of the organization’s artistic activities. PROHIBITIONS The use of electronic equipment such as camera, video camera, cellular phone or any other device to record or take pictures of the audition in part or in whole is strictly forbidden, unless prior authorization has been given by Lamondance’s Audition representative. In such a case, recorded material shall not be reproduced in any manner whatsoever including without limitation for personal promotion or reproductions on any Websites.