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From all of us at Lamondance, we'd like to thank you for watching our show. It was an honour to perform for you.

Lamondance celebrates VIVA as Davi Rodrigues, artistic director, explained to the audience in his opening remarks. Viva, “to live” is the theme that runs through the pieces presented in the Company’s latest program. It is an ambitious program, filled with passion, energy, emotion and drive.

To live, as Rodrigues explains is to experience the horror of 9/11 as Garden of Lights, the first offering on the program, highlights. To live is to experience the curiosity of a child that the playful piece, Why? explores. To live is to need the connectivity of interaction with others, as A Dominant Wavelength examines in bright red costume. Nostalgia, love, rejection and knowing yourself are all part of the life we live. The choreographers who contributed to VIVA were inspired by moments that resonated in their own life experience.

The evening flowed seamlessly from one piece to the next as Rodrigues introduced each piece using the metaphor of a “door” through which one could understand the theme being presented. Lights were kept dim throughout the first and second act giving the impression of watching a play rather than attending a dance recital.
The choreography is demanding and in many pieces the pace is fast. The Warm Up required precise timing and exacting limb movement to avoid collision! It was a “sitting on the edge of the seat” experience.

The final piece of the evening entitled VIVA embodied the art of dance crossing the threshold into theatre. Using props and to the music of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Green Car Motel, Yma Sumac and Osvaldo Queiroz VIVA inspired by the Leonard Cohen quote, “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in” ended the evening on a note of hope with colour and light filling the stage.

A company to keep an eye on offering thought provoking dance.
— © 2019 Nancie Ottem / Review Vancouver
The epitome of much hard work and clearly it showed. The performance was very professional, including the very appropriate transitions from Davi, to allow the dancers time to change and “catch their breath”. Thought to myself, during the show, why is this not being performed to a larger audience - it was magnificent.
— Ian Thomas
“Friday evening I watched “Viva”, lamondace celebration of its 10 years of commitment and growth.
The show, unique in its kind, has entertained me from beginning to end with a variety of choreographies going from light hearted to more introspective.
The quality of the dancing surprised me from the very first entrance, the passion and the commitment of these pre-professional dancers is definitely a big drive in the show.
I enjoyed a lot the journey and can’t wait to see what else lamondance is cooking up for next year!”
— Dario Giuseppe Dinuzzi
Always a pleasure watching your visions Davi!!
— Lisheanna Lkovic
“Every time I watch these dancers perform I’m in awe with the emotion and artistry. I am truly mesmerized from beginning to end.
— Gail Allan
I watched this amazing show two nights in a row. It was Brilliant each night. I brought out all the emotions. I cried, I laughed. The talent is Spectacular. Bravo!!
— Gail Allan
“WOW! These dancers are absolutely incredible. Huge congratulations to every single one of them for putting on such a spectacular performance. You can really see how hard they train, and how well they work together as a team to create a seamless show. I love seeing the dancers shine as individuals in their element. You won’t be missing anything from a Lamon show! With multiple choreographers, every piece has its own personality, and the director shapes them together as a show beautifully.
Next time I’d love to see more about the dancers in the program. They deserve some headshots and bios! Amazing work from everyone dancers, stage hands, lighting tech, direction, and instructors. Well done.”
— Kat Trainor
Viva swept me up into a world of constantly evolving emotions, ideas and stories, in one moment nostalgic, then exhilarating, then introspective, soulful and at another moment comedic and quirky. It was a complete gourmet meal of talented dancing, choreography and music. Thank you Davi and Lamondance for a world-class show that filled my heart with joy! Congratulations to Lamondance on its 10-year anniversary.
— Susan Kiddie