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"It's important to allow the new to come but always keeping your roots grounded." - Davi Rodrigues

At Lamondance Creativity is explored to the maximum, pushing barriers that allow the dancers to go beyond their limits.

The Company has been working really hard with the creation process of "Entre Vento e Areia" a full length piece by Davi Rodrigues, part of Lamondance's New show, premiere in June 2015 at the Dance Centre.

Entre Vento e Areia - (Within Sand and Wind),  Is about the spice-trading route that linked India to Central Asia. The story of crossing desert; a link between fiction and reality myths and truths about this mysterious place that can controls Life and Death.

“E.V.A has been my new adventure … I'm always deeply connected with my creations I like to reinvent my self transforming movements into new possibilities that way, I can connect Dancers, movements, Audience in one unique and special moment in space.
The desert always fascinates me, the power there is so solid and unique, it’s a place of great solemnity and mystery - To Create E.V.A (Entre Vento e Areia) I found a driving force (The Desert), something that inspires me, something that will create the identity of the piece. 
Being a story teller makes everything way more challenging, I’m a perfectionist when comes to it; I want the audience to embark with the dancers in this journey that will last forever in their memories, and this is one of the greatest thing about Lamondance where freedom and creativity are explored at the maximum; We want to reinvent ourselves, delivering a great quality training to our talented dancers.

"The Most important thing is to allow your self to discover new paths, movements and ideas. It’s important to let the new to come but always keeping your roots grounded.” - Davi Rodrigues /Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer

Here is an excerpt of the E.V.A performed at Vancity Project Show case 11, last November Friday 14th.

"Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired." (Martha Graham)