|| A night to appreciate the ephemerality and beauty of nature ||

Last Saturday (April 14th, 2018) we celebrated the arrival of the spring at the Spring Lights, a local celebration in Vancouver, presented by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

We were delighted to be invited by choreographer Heather Laura Gray to participate in the event created by Hfour which did a fantastic work illuminating Queen Elizabeth Park with vibrant projections and a new walkthrough experience. As in previous years, the illumination was set up for unobstructed views ideal for photography! It’s the first event of it’s kind in the world. 

With the design of the lights + Heather's choreography, our lamondancers enchanted the audience creating a unique and unforgettable experience welcoming the spring. To make the celebration even more special, we had the mother nature sending us drops of rain to make the magic complete all under a canopy of cherry blossoms. It was a night to appreciate the ephemerality and beauty of nature.

Sincere thanks to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and our guest choreographer Heather Laura Gray for inviting us to participate and share dance in this celebration of Nature.

Spring Lights it is part of the VCBV supported by www.vcbf.ca

for more info: http://springlights.ca

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