Dancers Oksana Maslechko, Amy Staples and Natasha Pavan in  IELE   Photo by Adrian Ortega

Dancers Oksana Maslechko, Amy Staples and Natasha Pavan in IELE

Photo by Adrian Ortega

Because we genuinely think that sharing is a valuable thing we would like to share all the show reviews with you.
From all of us at Lamondance, we'd like to thank you for watching our show. It was an honour to perform for you.

The show was amazing from start to finish. Not a dull moment. The dancers put their heart and soul into the performance and we were captivated the entire time. The music was wonderful too as well as the themes/story. All around fabulous! I love coming to watch Lamondance.
— Maya Kieling
A stunning performance. We were enthralled from the beginning to the end! The revisit to the 10 year old opening trio was delightful and delicious; honest and relatable, tangible and dangerous, poetic and lyrical. To say IELE was epic is an understatement. So beautifully choreographed, rehearsed to perfection and delivered with stunning gravitas. The power and pain were palpable. Thank you for entertaining us to our cores. Encore!
— Monica Lee
Passionate. Strong energy. Captivating choreography. Highly trained dancers. Great music. Beautiful set design and lighting.
— Erik Zennstrom
WOW! A phenomenal show. I loved it from beginning to end ❤️ A must see!!!
— Gail Allan
Right after the show the winds picked up. They raged and howled all night long. The gods had clearly been moved to create a weather event to match the passion of the evening’s performance. I’m talking about Lamondance’s world premiere of IELE at the the Blueshore Theatre, Capilano University.

I’m not a writer but it seems that every time I see a Lamondance show I’m moved to put pen to paper. As a dance accompanist/composer I’ve seen numerous companies perform over the years but Lamondance astounds me more than any of them.There’s nothing contrived about this company of brilliant movers. Everything they do comes across as real and intended. Their movement is steeped in emotion and has the power to transport the mindset of the audience to an otherworldly realm.

This is especially true in IELE where a mystical forest setting summons up mischievous boys and sprightly nymphs. The magical world created by Davi Rodrigues’ incomparable choreography sucks you in so that 43 mins seemed like only 10. I didn’t read the description of IELE in the program beforehand but I realized afterwards that I understood the whole story anyway. The choreography did it’s job as did the music which so completely evoked the fairy tale setting with all it’s wonder and drama. Hats off to Hal Beckett for providing a world class score!

The windstorm persisted through the night and into the following day, only to die down after IELE’s second show came to an end. Thanks for stirring things up Lamondance! I will remember IELE for a long time to come.
— Gill Civil
From the moment the music played until the final bow, I was on the edge of my seat with this amazing production! The dancers, the choreography, the music, the set design, the lighting, everything about the show was stunning! So grateful to have experienced such a beautiful show. Congrats to everyone at Lamondance
— Jackie Shigetomi
Brilliant and creative choreography superbly executed! Hal Beckett’s score is a stunning representation of the mythological tale. A significant addition to the modern dance repertoire!
— Katya Pine
This world-class show is a must-see. It is a feast for your eyes and ears from the spectacular lighting and scenery to the dramatic music to the outstanding and extremely expressive dancing and choreography. I felt like this was reality and felt genuinely scared of the terrifying yet beautiful Iele. Thank you to Davi and Lamondance for once again bringing to life your chosen stories and for inviting us into the thrilling world of dance!
— Susan kiddie
Loved everything about last nights show from the throw back to the new works collaboration with Hal Beckett’s! The show brought smiles to both mine and my daughters face!
— Mandy Rabinovitch
Iele has a Shakespearean grandeur, a measure of Romeo and Juliet and a sprinkle of Midsummer Nights Dream. Like in these plays each character in Iele throbs with a unique vitality. Iele’s narrative unfolds through an expansive naturalistic movement vocabulary. Each of the dancers bring their own life force and passion to their characters. The main characters are magical, captivating, charismatic. The ensemble dancers equally inhabit their characters driven by intense instinctive impulses breathing into the dance rhythms. The musical score echoes ancient voices. The soundscape and movement symbiotically reverberate the timeless themes of the Iele.
— David Secunda
I thought this was a stunning performance, of superb choreography and beautifully carried out by the dancers. These performances should be repeated for others to see!
— Dolores Kirkwood