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Lamondance Audition FAQ’s

Q: Do you limit the number of students who can audition? 

A: No. 


Q: How many students do you accept each year? 

A: To provide a unique training and attention to our Dancers, we aim for an incoming class of 20 in each season.


Q: Can I audition by video? 

A: Yes, the video audition guidelines are available on


Q: What time should I plan to arrive for my audition? 

A: The check-in process typically begins at 30 min before the audition.


Q: Do I need to bring my application materials with me? 

A: Yes, however, we will have blank forms at the auditions in case any dancer need it. Don't forget to bring your resume/Bio + Headshot. 


Q: Does the photo have to be a professional headshot? 

A: No. It can be any size you have available that shows you.


Q: How long will the audition last? 

A: Our auditions can take up to 3.5 hours, depending on the number of the group auditioning. If you are flying, it is safest to book your departure the next day.


Q: What do I wear? 

A: Form-fitting dance clothing that allows us to see the lines of the body (such as leotards, tights, yoga pants, bike shorts, leggings, etc.). Ballet slippers may be worn (pointe shoes not needed). Bare feet are also permitted only for the contemporary portion of the audition. No street clothes or street shoes. Long hair should be kept pulled away from the face. Remove any dangling jewelry.


Q: Are pointe shoes a requirement for acceptance into the program? 

A: No.


Q: What can I expect at the audition? 

A: Plan to arrive at the audition thirty to forty minutes early so that you have ample time to warm up. Our audition consists: 1st – Full ballet Class; 2nd – Learning the repertoire from the Company; 3rd – Interview with Artistic Director.


Q: How will I be evaluated?

A: The Artistic Director and faculty member expects to see work that best highlights your physical capacity as a dancer and your ability to work with the demands of professional training.


Q: When will I know the results of my audition? 

A: Students will be notified of their results by email one week after your audition date. 


Q: Is there any additional paperwork for scholarship consideration? 

A: No. All students who audition are automatically considered for talent-based scholarships within the program. Due to limited funding, Lamondance typically waits until after the auditions are complete to make final scholarship offers. In rare circumstances, the program makes immediate scholarship offers to auditioners who are of exceptional talent.


Q: What another financial aid is available? 

A: Applications for bursary funding are open to all. For eligibility and submission details, Please e-mail for more information.


Do you have any other questions about our Audition? let us know