Our partnerships with individuals, funders, brands, trusts and foundations are key to helping talented dancers, withhigh standards of excellence or limited funding; to achieve their goals of becoming professional artists.  

We would be pleased to discuss how you can help support these young aspiring artists, whilst helping to enrich the Vancouver's cultural life.  Upon request, we would be pleased to publically recognize your donation.

To discuss how you can help, please contact:  

Maureen Turner, Program Advisor:  604.862.2434

Email:   info@lamondance.com

Or - If you wish to donate anonymously or by credit card, we would be pleased to accommodate you.  Every donation counts!

For credit card donations, please call Karen Addison, Office Administrator at:  604.980.3040

We appreciate your help in supporting the arts and helping our dancers to reach for the top as they work toward entering the world of professional dance.