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The Beginning

In 2008, Lamondance went on stage for the very first time in the National Theater Claudio Santoro in Brasilia, Brazil (Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro), one of the most important in the country, with the show RED, especially commissioned by The International Dance Seminar in Brasilia by Gisele Santoro the artistic director of the festival.

Due to the success of the project, Monica Proença and Lara Barclay decided to found Lamondance training program following the Idea suggested by Hayley Walker (RNB Dance - Principal) and Charlie Costello (RNB Dance - Presidente Board of Directors) however, it happened in the following year 2009 with the idea to help emerging dancers with their transition to the professional dance world.

The high quality of the training followed by unmistakable choreography gave the company early stability.

In the first phase of the company’s existence, Lara Barclay and Mônica Proença shared the artistic direction and years later the influence of Davi Rodrigues who was invited to the artistic direction-ship was evident in many degrees in the dance company. In 2014 Davi Rodrigues assumed the position of artistic director of the company who since then, he has been responsible for the company’s distinctive artistic identity.

Since then, Lamondance has performed in Canada, Brazil with the shows “RED” - 2009, “Human” 2013, “Spark” – 2016 and in Germany at the Tanzart festival in Nordhausen 2011 with the choreography “Terra Arrida” by Monica Proença part of the show “What we leave behind.”

Lamondance is a place where art is taking care at the highest with original choreographic voices with the responsibility of presenting shows that will print a mark in the audience’s mind connecting them to the dance world.

Lamondance operates as a Not-For-Profit Society, working under the umbrella of RNB Dance and Theatre Arts, based in North Vancouver.



of all time

In ten years, we had the pleasure to let many unforgettable choreographic voices to speak through our company. These voices are responsible for connecting our dancers with the work, inviting the audience to travel with us to many different dance universes transforming time in memories and memories into reality.

We thank all the choreographers and guest artists that shared their artistic vocabulary with our dancers and company.


 Past guests

Amy Lattimore - Cirque du Soleil, Mark Pawsey - Cirque du Soleil, Helen Walkley, Jennifer Mascal - Mascall Dance, ChristieLee Manning, Zoe Scofield, Farley Johansson - Science Friction, Adam Mackinnon, Stu Ignez, Cassilene Abranches - Grupo Corpo, Erica Trivett, Cristina Bucci - Nutricionist, Chris Wong - Culturally Defined





Behind you, all your memories,

before you, all your dreams,

around you, all who love you,

within you, all you need.

Thank you for sharing your dreams with us and for making Lamondance a place where dreams come true.

Samantha Skelly / Annie Au / Emily Chapo / Crystal Wills / Hailley Caulfield / Davi Rodrigues / Gustavo Gomes / Marcelle Lemos / Bruna Diniz / Andre Grippi / Farley Ferenze  / Christie Lee Manning / Diego Pradela /  Giovanna Faria / Thiago Fayad / Jee Lam / Kim Dixon / Taylor Marie-Dolan / Natasha Vlahovic / Joao Pedro De Paula / Lauren Rose / Diego Araujo / Juliana Hettema / Krystal Kohan /  Glynis Waring / Renan Carvalho / Heather Aucoin / Riley Langford / Luisa Gomes / Mariana Moraes / Pedro Vinicius / Nick Ventura / Alisha Lemire / Bruna Fonseca / Dakota McGhie / Devan Genereux / Douglas Nossa / Jacqueline Nelson / Jee Lam / Joy Wardle / Juliana Hettema  / Natalie Kohan / Natasha Caldwell / Nina Garcia / Renato Barbosa / Amanda Vlahovic / Bianca Meira / Bia Dreux / Cierra Rohde / Giulia Scarpa / Keely Kutson / Lauren Penney / Morgan Blair / Yasmin Diebe / Alejandra Miranda / Alex Wilkinson / Alex Shigetomi / Fernanda Faillace / Gustavo Madubuike / Igor Gomes / Juan Duarte / Kat Trainor / Kiona Graham / Sarah Klukas / Sarah Tse / Andre Luiz / Amanda Barros / Carly DUB / Gabriel Pinter / Gabriel Luz / Janaina Ciodario / Jessica Felix / Maria Victoria / Melissa Swatez / Oksana Maslechko / Paula Pacheco / Sève De Breizh / Sintija Žīgure  / Caroline Kiddie / Kayla Malanfant / Hannah Sim / Myah McCarthy / Breena Makelki / Marie Taylor / Amanda Barros / Sève Mc-Mullin / Afonso Carlos Gomes Junior / Lucas Flygare / Bruce Perger / Giovanni Rizzo / Lazaro Silva / Tiago Camargo / Alicia Jenkins / Amy Staples / Natasha Pavan / Kluane Thompson Peabody / Agustin Gomes / Madeleine Martin / Jessica Shigetomi / Elisse Beckett / Hayley Galati / Keira Douet


#DoYouRemember ?

"Do you remember?”

Is a series of videos that will take us on a journey back, remembering our creative process, choreographers and all of the shows in the ten years of WOW!

Lamondance season 1


"You, Me and Them" took place at the Kay Meekcentre on May 29, 2010.

It was Lamondance first show.

The first act was shared with Monica Proença and Lara Barclay Lamondance co-founders.

The second act was created by three choreographic voices, You, Me and Them presents an environment of temptation, monotony and joy as painted by different classes in society.

"...There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in..."

Leonard Cohen

It was the very first creation of our Artistic Director for the company at that time choreographing as a guest choreographer.


Shows of all times

Every show designed at Lamondance, started from the principal subject “HUMAN”, what is the message behind, what is our final goal. These are some of the questions that we always ask ourselves in the process of creating a show.

At Lamondance we are always looking for new ways to create a show that can resonate with the audience.

We have been committed to creating high-quality shows; Shows that for the past decade has evoked all the senses and took the audiences on an unforgettable Journey. A Journey that we are proud of, and as long the fire of passion for the art of dance still lives, we look forward to the next ten years to come.

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 Did you know?

The Future