Photo by Olga Kuts

Photo by Olga Kuts


2016 / 2017 ANNUAL REPORT

Another Year for the Books.


Collaboration is the key.


Over the 9 years since its foundation Lamondance has created 8 remarkable productions, bringing together a selective group of artists that goes from light designers, scenery, dancers, choreographers, technicians and many volunteers from the Vancouver community.

Collaboration became the key word within the company. Season 8 was marked for its diversity starting from the dancers participating in the company, dancers from 5 different places around the globe as such as France,  United States of America, Latvia, Brazil and Canada it definitely brought the experience for dancers, mentors and choreographers to another level. Each dancer brought with them the ability to adapt and morph into a new world where the only universal language spoken was the body language. 

Our mentors Linda Arkelian, Lara Barclay and Reid Colton were also a big componente in the process of  training the dancers, ever season they bring their unique experience along side with guests choreographers Shauna Elton, Vanessa Goodman.


Lamondance’s final production of Season 8 2016/2017 as composed 5 new contemporary pieces and one remount (from season 4) by choreographers: Vanessa Goodman, Shauna Elton, Lara Barclay and myself. 

The show featured the strength and fragility of HUMAN, as well as his foresight and grace, to illuminate the portion of humanity that is within each of us. 

From different strategic work lines each choreographer brought to the company their voices creating 3 beautiful works.

At Lamondance we believe that collaboration is the key, the dancers were able to absorve and enrich each creation with their max.

Having these choreographers working with the dancers not only made the show possible but the growth of the dancers as professionals, awareness and sense of critic.



Season 8 as marked for its mix of nationalities having dancers from 5 different cities around the globe.

Brazil, Latvia, United States of America, France and Canada.


Lamondance strives to provide dancers with partial or full scholarship making dance affordable and possible for all.


A message to the world. 


Closing the show, the company performed "Garden of Lights" a reflective creation inspired by the photo Garden of Lights a proposal for the 9/11 memorial in New York.

In a very emmotional talk Lamondance's artitic director Davi Rodrigues share with the audience some very important details about the creation process of "Garden of Lights" guiding us with a very powerful message about love.

During the International Dance Seminar in Brasilia / Brazil in July 2016 Artistic Director Davi Rodrigues was invited to choreograph a piece for the closing gala of the Festival. A total of 44 Dancers were invited to be in the creation of Gardens of Lights, dancers from different dance companies as such as Dance 2000 from Brasilia, Faces Ocultas from São Paulo and Lamondance from Canada.
Garden of lights - Brings the awareness to the world of the tragedy that 15 years ago happened in  New York City with the 9/11 attack leaving an eternal scar in the world.
"I was touched so deeply when I visit the 911 Memorial last June 2016 that my heart and soul wanted to speak". - Davi Rodrigues
 "Garden of Lights" a simple way to remember the 2,982 lives were taken away and a message to the world that life is short and there is no time for hate.

The Creation will be part of the show “WE” for Lamondance Season 8 in Vancouver.

The video was recorded in February 4th, 2017 at Centennial Theatre in Vancouver Canada during the participation of the company as Guest Company in the Show RNB Dance & Theatre show.


Giving back to the community 

Photo by Vera Bandeira

Photo by Vera Bandeira

Lamondance ang guests Performing Kauã at the international dance seminar in Brasilia Brazil july 2017

To finish the Season, the Company went to Brazil as a guest company to close the acclaimed International Dance Seminar in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

During 3 weeks, Brasilia host an intensive dance seminar with guests from all over the world. During these 3 weeks dancers can take classes, learn and share experiences with dancers from Brazil and other countries and also participate in the competition that is also part of to the Seminar. Our Artistic Director Davi Rodrigues participates for the 4th year as a teacher and judge. 

We were so proud to be invited to close the seminar performing  "KAUÃ" a very Brazilian piece inspired by the Indigenous people from Brazil the "Tupi and Guarani".

Kauã that in the Tupi-Guarani language means "big Hawk” Portrays the reality of the rich indigenous Brazilian culture that disappears every day and sadly in a near future will become a legend.


Lamondance have been participating at The International Dance Seminar since 2009.

The company performed as a guest company with the shows:

  • RED
  • KAUA 

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